Draft genome sequence of bacillus thuringiensis S906, a toxic strain to coleoptera and lepidoptera orders / Projeto de sequência do genoma de bacillus thuringiensis S906, uma cepa tóxica para as ordens coleoptera e lepidoptera

Paulo Queiroz, Érica Martins, Priscila Grynberg, Roberto Togawa, Rose Monnerat


Bacillus thuringiensis is an important bacterium which shows insecticide action against several pests. This work describes the draft genome sequence of B. thuringiensis S906, that showed toxicity against insects from Lepidoptera order (Anticarsia gemmatalis, Helicoverpa armigera, Plutella xylostella and Spodoptera frugiperda), and Coleoptera order (Anthonomus grandis) which contains the genes cry1Ba, Vpa, Vpb and Spp1A. Genes coding for bacteriocin, plant growth promotion pathway, tyrosinase and enhancin were also identified.


sequenciação de toda a geração, controlo biológico, toxina criogénica.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34115/basrv6n3-006


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