Risk Management: The Differences Between North American and European Markets / Gerenciamento de riscos: as diferenças entre os mercados norte-americano e europeu

Nathan Peixoto Oliveira, Bruno da Silva Guerra, Daniela Prado Damasceno Ferreira Reineck, Rômulo Henrique Gomes de Jesus, Thales Volpe Rodrigues


As a result of numerous events of frauds, crisis and lack of governance through history, there were a consistent advance on risk regulation. The intention of this paper was to evaluate the North-American and European risk markets as the regulators, manly represented by COSO, OECD and LSE. The methodology used was the case study in order to investigate successful episodes of risk management on the Intercontinental Hotels Group and British Petroleum oil company. Could be concluded by both, that Enterprise Risk Framework (ERM) was fundamental to achieve the objectives and to help the senior leaders to disseminate a risk control culture all way of the institution. Likewise, a directing leadership constantly communicating and controlling the different levels of risk


Risk Management, ERM, COSO

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