The benefits of melaleuca essential oil for acne treatment / Os benefícios do óleo essencial de melaleuca para o tratamento da acne

Thaila Maria Spironello, Gisele Bandera, Janete Jacinta Lupatini Presser, Mariana Tortelli Beux, Natália Freddo


Acne is the most common disease that affects young people, among the various existing treatments, essential oils can be cited. Tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) also known as Tea Tree has medicinal actions that can improve acne degrees. The objective is to show the effectiveness of tea tree oil for the aesthetic treatments of acne, for this, bibliographic searches available on Google Scholar were carried out. Studies report that tea tree oil at a concentration of 5% can reduce the lesions caused by acne and its bacteria. The treatment aims to minimize the formation of scars and dyschromias, for that, it is noticed that the studies carried out have brought positive results and low adverse reactions in the treatment with the essential oil, before that the tea tree oil is used in cosmetic formulations helping in the treatments of acne.


óleo de melaleuca, acne, tratamento estético.

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