Artificial intelligence software as diagnostic support tool in emergency room chest radiographs: a pictorial essay / Software de inteligência artificial como ferramenta de apoio ao diagnóstico em radiografias torácicas de salas de emergência: um ensaio pictórico

Fabricio Prospero Machado, Maria Fernanda Arruda Almeida, Edivaldo Nery de Oliveira Filho, Fabiano Castello, Paula Nicole Vieira Pinto Barbosa


This pictorial essay aims to show scenarios where an Artificial Intelligence software (Lunit Insight CRX 3) was used as a diagnostic support tool in chest X-ray exams to detect significant upper abdominal or thoracic pathologies, frequently lost in the Emergency Room evaluations. The lesions studied were nodule, consolidation, pneumothorax, pneumoperitoneum, cardiomegaly, mediastinal enlargement, and atelectasis. The most frequently found radiological finding was consolidation (53,6%).Although radiography is an essential test of critical patient evaluation, specialists are often not available to provide reports so that the software can assist in non-radiologists physicians imaging evaluation.


thoracic diseases, radiography, artificial intelligence.


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