Analysis of the transient response of fault locators based on one-end data applied to electrical power systems / Análise da resposta transitória de localizadores de falta baseados em dados de um terminal aplicados à sistemas elétricos de potência

Fernanda Cazabonet Ramos, Júlio César Castelhano dos Santos, Eduardo Machado dos Santos, Gabrieli Pinarello Pizzolato, Arian Rodrigues Fagundes, Alex Itczak, Jefferson Oliveira dos Santos, Paulo Ricardo Fiuza Marques


When a fault occurs and the protection acts, the interruption time of the power supply can be reduced if the fault location is accurate. In this context, since the Transmission Lines (TLs) present relatively constant characteristic impedances per km, numerical relays can present functions for the estimation of the fault location, which perform the impedance calculation between the equipment installation point until the short-circuit point. Thus, this work aims to compare the performance of fault location methods (FLs), based on the calculation of impedance from data coming from one terminal, which have been proposed in the specialized literature. To this end, a test system was implemented in the ATPDraw software, from which different types of short-circuits were simulated, at different sampling rates and points of the transmission line, in order to generate a bank of voltage and current signals, which were measured at one terminal of the line. The FLs were implemented in the Matlab® software and tested for the bank signals, allowing to obtain the transient response of each method and conclude that the FLs estimation of the fault location varies according to the type of fault, the sampling rate and the circuit breaker opening time.


Electric Power System, Fault Location, Performance, Protection, Transient Response.

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