Numerical modelling of a seal using a ferrofluid to block the passage of lubricating OIL / Modelagem numérica de um selo utilizando um ferrofluido para bloquear a passagem de óleo lubrificante

Paulo Cristiano Moro, Luiz Alkimin de Lacerda, Rodrigo Paludo, Claiton da Silva Mattos, Renato Penteado, Ernani A. Krüger, Luiz A. J. Procopiak


Plain bearings are devices used in large-sized equipment, such as power-generating units. To reduce friction and improve the sustainability of the structure, large quantities of lubricating oil are used in those plain bearings. The heat combined with the turbulent flow causes this lubricating oil to be fragmented and sucked into the generator, thereby damaging its parts. This article reports a study focused on providing a numerical and experimental analysis of a seal prototype using a ferrofluid as the seal agent. To validate the usage of a ferrofluid as a mechanical seal, a prototype was developed and built.




Ferrofluid. Magnetic bearing. Finite element method. Lubricating oil steam. Experimental validation.

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