COB-2019-1159 Analysis of the influence of vortex generators by means of the study of their positions and geometries in small wind turbines / COB-2019-1159 Análise da influência dos geradores de vortex por meio do estudo de suas posições e geometrias em pequenas turbinas de vento

Luann Marcos Gondim Lopes, Pâmela Larissa de Sousa Vieira, Rafael Luz Espindola, Alex Maurício Araújo


In order to improve the efficiency of small wind turbines, the present study aims to analyze the influence of devices known as Vortex Generators (VG) from the variation of their positions and geometries. These have the function of generating turbulences in the flow in a controlled and known way. For the position analysis, the simulations were performed without the use of VG’s and with VG’s at 25% and 50% of the chord. For the geometric analysis, were used in the simulations the co-rotating and counter-rotating matrix, placed at 25% and 50% of the chord. Were also considered air at 25 °C, steady-state and wind speed rate of 3 m/s. A relative velocity was calculated to suit the conditions used. As a result, there was increase in lift force, deflection, drag and rotation for 25% of the chord. As well as an increase in drag forces and a decrease in lift, rotation and deflection forces in cases to 50% of the chord. Therefore, it was verified that the VG's directly influence the flow, causing an increase of efficiency in the equipment in the condition a 25% of the chord and a reduction of efficiency in the condition of 50%.


Vortex generators, Wind turbines, CFD, Turbulent flow.

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