Low-fat cupuassu goat milk yogurt optimization by just-about-right scale / Otimização de iogurte de leite de cabra de cupuaçu com baixo teor de gordura em uma escala quase certa

Madian Johel Galo Salgado, Bruna Cerqueira dos Santos, Bruna Samara dos Santos Rekowsky, Marion Pereira da Costa


Goat milk products have been characterized by unusual consumers with lower acceptance due to their flavor and odor known as goaty. In this context, it was aimed to optimize the cupuassu goat milk yogurt formulation by fat-replaces addition using a Just-about-Right scale (JAR). Five treatments were performed: whole goat milk (W); skimmed goat milk (S); inulin (SI); maltodextrin (SM); and whey protein (SW). The cupuassu goat milk yogurts were evaluated by acceptability index, JAR and penalty analysis. The addition of inulin, maltodextrin and whey protein increase consumer acceptance and purchase intention. However, lower scores were observed for flavor. In Just-about-analyses, caprine flavor and odor were rates as a JAR. All the treatment was penalized as lower cupuassu flavor and odor. These results suggest that the addition of fat-replaces and cupuassu pulp improves the sensory characteristics of skimmed goat milk yogurt.


skimmed milk, fat replace, goat milk, cupuassu.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv6n11-101