Epidemiological and microbiological aspects of oral mucositis in head and neck cancer patients during radiotherapy / Aspectos epidemiológicos e microbiológicos da mucosite oral em pacientes com câncer na região de cabeça e pescoço durante a radioterapia

Adriele de Freitas Neiva Lessa, Mariana Avelino de Souza Santos, João Paulo Amaral Haddad, Cristina Dutra Vieira, Simone Gonçalves dos Santos


This cross-sectional study evaluated epidemiological and nutritional aspects as well as the microbial groups isolated from head and neck cancer patients, in the presence of oral mucositis. Three samplings were performed at baseline (jugal mucosa), on the 20th radiotherapy session and on the last day of treatment, over oral mucositis lesions, if present. The sample was composed of 22 patients, mostly men (81.8%) and with a median age of 58.1(±12.7) years, 95% of them had concomitant smoking and drinking habits and 40.9% were edentulous. Body mass index values decreased during treatment and were statistically significant over time. During the study, there was a decline in Gram-positive cocci and an increase in Gram-negative rods. The recovery of yeast species increased along the study period. Isolation of multidrug-resistant microorganisms (44.3%) and those related to nosocomial infections (50.0%) was observed. Our findings suggested that there was a reduction in the indigenous oral microbiota and an increase in opportunistic species. The understanding of the microbial content of oral mucositis lesions as well as the clinical and nutritional aspects of head and neck cancer patients may contribute to a better oriented treatment.



Oral mucositis, Radiation therapy, Oral microbiota, Opportunistic microorganisms, Head and neck cancer.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv6n11-480


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