Implementação de sistema inteligente de aquisição de dados com indicadores de desempenho para miniusina solar fotovoltaica / Implementation of intelligent data acquisition system with performance indicators for solar photovoltaic mini-plant

Ivan Alan Soares, Izabella Carneiro Bastos, Daniel Oliveira Guimarães


The electricity generation performance in a photovoltaic system can be improved by precise monitoring of electrical and meteorological parameters. Disruptions in electrical parameters are caused by unreliable climatic variables, degradation of the photovoltaic system, and errors. The main purpose of the present work is the development of a data acquisition and monitoring system for time series data storage for subsequent analyses of the solar photovoltaic mini-plant located at the Poços de Caldas campus of the Federal University of Alfenas. The developed system exhibits the collected parameters as well as the performance metrics calculated by numerical modeling. For this purpose, a data logger, web server, REST API and a responsive web application were created.


Photovoltaic systems, Cloud-Based Data Acquisition System, Performance Indicators.


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