Prevalence of suggestive images of atheroma in panoramic radiographs: clinical profile and risk factors for cardiovascular disease / Prevalência de imagens sugestivas de ateroma em radiografias panorâmicas: perfil clínico e fatores de risco para a doença cardiovascular

Diana Bertoldo Moro, Jerlucia Cavalcanti das Neves Melo, Laura de Fátima Souto Maior, Otávio Guilherme Cardoso, Luana Osório Fernandes, Samantha Cardoso de Andrade, Rafaela Barbosa Araújo, Renata Cristina de Carvalho Barreto Oliveira Apolinário Figueira, Luiz Alcino Monteiro Gueiros, Jair Carneiro Leão, Alessandra Albuquerque Tavares Carvalho


Background: In recent years, the use of panoramic radiography (PR) has been proposed as a reliable method for early diagnosis of calcified carotid artery atheroma (CCAA). The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of images suggestive of CCAA, observed in digital PRs from users of a Brazilian military organization, and investigate the presence of cardiovascular risk factors. Material and methods: The study analyzed a total of 2.015 digital PRs, taken for dental diagnostic purposes between January and September 2019 from patients of both genders and older than 18 years. Data were analyzed regarding prevalence of CCAA and cardiovascular risk factors using the Chi-square test at the significance level of 5%. Patients with a suggestive diagnosis of CCAA were contacted by telephone and invited to further evaluation. Results: Of 2.015 patients, 105 (6.06%; 46 women, 25 men) had CCAA detected on digital images. Of the 71 patients who agreed to further evaluation, 64.8%  were women, 54.9% were 60 years or older, 38%  military service, 45.1% overweight, 64.3% blood pressure alterations, 23.9% diabetics, 11.3% cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, 5.6% history of COVID-19, 12% cholesterol ? 240mg/dL, 26.5 % triglycerides ? 200mg/dL and 51% glycaemia ? 100mg/dL. For all variables analyzed there was statistically significant differences (p<0.05), except for glycaemia (p=889). Conclusion: The presence of risk factors for stroke was meaningful in the population with CCAA, indicating the relevant role of the dentist in the early diagnosis.


Orthopantomography, arterial hypertension, carotid atherosclerosis, stroke.

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