Intuit of training and the failure of associations of rural producers in the district of Nicoadala / Intuição da formação e o fracasso das associações de produtores rurais no distrito de Nicoadala

Guivi Jefu Cherene, Élberis Pereira Botrel, Antônio Carlos Dos Santos


The article demonstrates the purpose of training and the failure of most associations of rural producers in the district of Nicoadala, Zambezia province in Mozambique, in the center of the country. In order to compare the origin and the purpose of some associations operating in the district mentioned above, in relation to associations of rural producers with a focus on developed countries, this article excludes in this article, the difference of training, the way of driving the activities of the associations and their productive success. The characteristic dimensioning is also done; and the conditions that mark the differences in the success and failure of the associations in both countries are analyzed, finally, the conditions that do not favor the productive development of the associations of the district are criticized.


association, producers, formation, financing, success

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