Characterization of small Brushless motors for unmanned aerial vehicles/ Caracterização de motores Brushless de pequeno porte para veículos aéreos não tripulados

Ivo Z. L. Meyer, José E. M. Barros, José E. M. Barros


Brushless motors are increasingly present in our lives and to get the best out of them it is important to know their performance. The objective of this work is to create a methodology of experimental characterization of this type of motor. As a methodology, research was done on similar works, it was built a test bench and an acquisition system to obtain the data. The variables measured were: rotation, torque, temperature, current and voltage. In addition to possessing a servo motor that acts like brake prony type to vary the load applied to the system. The results obtained allowed the analysis of the motor performance. It was also possible to design a mathematical model that represents the system, using the information obtained and the equations present in the literature. It was possible to conclude that the bench and the methodology used were valid, and that the ESC (electronic speed controller) is a great efficiency limiter of the motors.


Brushless motor, electric motor, ESC, engine tests, DC motors, UAV.

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