Comparison and Analysis of the Effects of Several Improvements in the Traditional Model on Engine Working with Otto Cycle / Comparação e Análise dos Efeitos de Várias Melhorias no Modelo Tradicional de Funcionamentro de Motores com Ciclo Otto

Nadine Pereira Merlo, Matheus Antônio Pereira Rocha, Moilton Ribeiro Franco Júnior, Bárbara Nascimento Aud, Thiago Alves Lopes Silva, Nattácia Rodrigues de Araújo Felipe Rocha


Engine performance behavior was investigated by adding some considerations in the usual cycle such as: influence of the temperature in the k coefficient, process gas behaving according to the virial equation and effect of initial temperature of the air. To determine the relationship among independent variables including temperature of the flame, temperature of the flue gas, thermal efficiency and effective average pressure analysis of the some methodologies was used. Comparison between different methodologies shows that the one regarding the virial equation model has not provided substantial variations in the studied variables. The results showed that adding and considering the non-idealities of the process became the findings closer to the reality due to thermal efficiency and air temperatures decreased when the real process has to be regarded.




Otto cycle, Engine, Ideal gas, Virial equation, Effect of temperature

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