The importance of the brand for the success of a company/ A importância da marca para o sucesso de uma empresa

Angelo Ricardo Balduino, Teciene Marques Pereira de Araújo, Marcony Messias Soares de Carvalho


The objective of this work was to clarify the importance of using marketing strategies to build a brand that, in turn, will lead the company to success. The theoretical foundation is based on the concepts of marketing, integrated marketing communication, brand and branding. The integrated marketing communication contributes to the strengthening of the brand through branding actions, which allow a better strategic positioning in the market. The methodology of this work consists of a bibliographical study, due to the need to relate these three theoretical elements that, in a structured way, bring countless benefits for all organizations. This study has shown that brand management is an important strategic tool for the success of a company and that its rise depends on the message of trust that it expresses to customers.


integrated marketing communication; brand; branding.

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