Tolerance to salinity in Jatropha curcas are genotype-dependent/ A tolerância à salinidade em pinhão manso é dependente do genótipo

Natalia Corte Real, Pedro Victor Vieira da Cunha de Miranda, Lauricio Endres, Edivan Rodrigues de Souza, Marcelo Francisco Pompelli


Dissonant results in Jatropha curcas tolerance to salinity obtained by different research groups in several countries suggest that tolerance is connected to variation of the genetic origin of the genotypes used. To verify this hypothesis, this work compared the physiological, photochemical and nutritional responses of different genotypes from J. curcas under to saline stress. Seeds of six genotypes of J. curcas (CNPAE112, CNPAE114, JCAL171, CNPAE183, CNPAE218, and CNPAE304) were germinated and fertirigated for three months with a Hoagland nutrient solution at 50%. After that, the plants received different concentrations of NaCl (0, 250, 500 and 750 mM) added to the nutritious solution for 48 h (maximum stress). Later, the salt was washed out from the substrate with solutions free from NaCl for 914 h to plant recovery. Gas exchanges, fluorescence chlorophyll a, osmotic potential and concentration of macro- and micronutrients of leaves were quantified. Physiological analyzes showed that genotypes CNPAE112, CNPAE114, and JCAL171 were more tolerant to salt stress due to complete recovery of their gas exchange rates after transferring plants to salt-free media. The genotypes CNPAE218 and CNPAE304 were more sensitive to saline stress, showing no recovery of the gas exchange and no recovering of maximum quantum efficiency of PSII, besides having high concentrations of Na+ in leaf after transferring plants to salt-free media. The genotype CNPAE183 was shown to be intermediate to the two previously situations. Therefore, we can suggest that CNPAE112, CNPAE114, and JCAL171 presented higher tolerance to saline stress, while CNPAE218, CNPAE304 showed to be more sensitive.


NaCl, Physic nut, Abiotic Stress, Gas Exchange, Biofuel, Principal Component Analysis

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