Analysis of bone mineral loss by dental panoramic radiography in men over 40 years old in the state of Roraima / Análise da perda mineral óssea por radiografia panorâmica dentária em homens com mais de 40 anos de idade no estado de Roraima

Mario Maciel de Lima Junior, Fernando Coutinho Marques Filho, Magna Feitosa Barbosa, Barbara Marques Suppi


Background: The present study was conducted to understand the possible application of panoramic radiography as an alternative diagnostic measure for the detection of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Moreover, we surveyed to understand the oral hygiene of the participants.Materials and Methods: A questionnaire-based survey for self-assessment was done, followed by a detailed radiographic evaluation and Cortical Mandibular Index (ICM) and Mentonian Index (IM) recording. Later, statistical analyses were done for descriptive analysis and possible important factors responsible for the obtained ICM and IM values. Results: The obtained results suggested that for the present study population of 112 participants, and considered 25 parameters, age was a major factor (P 0.00456) along with the use of a personal toothbrush (P 0.01265), and exchange of a new toothbrush (P 0.0293). These factors were significantly influential on the ICM outcomes (P 0.06645) whereas the influence of the considered parameters was not significantly influential on IM results. Conclusion: The descriptive results suggested that osteopenia and osteoporosis were dominant among the patients as confirmed by the radiographic analysis. Hence, panoramic radiography can be an effective alternative in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. However, confirmation should be obtained from further large-scale studies on diverse populations with more contributing factors.


osteoporosis, osteopenia, cortical mandibular index, mentonian index, bone mineral density, dental radiography.

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