Gamma Spectrometry results for the 134Cs nuclear parameters / Resultados de espectrometria gama para os parâmetros nucleares 134Cs

Maria Candida Moreira de Almeida, José Ubiratan Delgado, Ronaldo Lins e Silva, Roberto Poledna


134Cs is produced directly as a fission product (low yield) and too obtained by neutron capture from 133Cs non-radioactive . The National Laboratory for Ionizing Radiation Metrology (LNMRI/IRD/CNEN) of Rio de Janeiro performed standardization of this radionuclide . A solution of 134Cs radionuclide was purchased from commercial supplier to nuclear parameters determination such as activity and emission probabilities of some of its energies. 134Cs is a beta gamma emitter with 754 days of half-life. This radionuclide is used as standard in environmental, water and food control. It is also  important to germanium detector calibration The gamma emission probabilities were determined mainly for some energies of the 134Cs by efficiency curve method and the mostly  uncertainties obtained were around 1.5 %.


gamma emission probability, 134cs, hpge, efficiency curve.

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