Overview and current perspectives for the use of the GFR reactor in research and electricity generation in Brazil / Panorama e perspectivas atuais para o uso do reator GFR em pesquisa e geração de energia elétrica no Brasil

Pedro Alexandre Pinto Celestino, Guilherme de Castro Barraviera, Paula Cruz Mendes Silva, Fernando Carlos Romano


The Gas Cooled Fast Reactor (GFR) is one of the ambitious projects of Generation IV nuclear reactors, which aims to develop a sustainable, safe, reliable, economical and proliferation-resistant nuclear power generation system. This project is currently in a theoretical phase, being reported in this work a history from its idealization to the present moment. Presently, the project that is in a more advanced development stage, ALLEGRO, is in the final design phase and with the licensing process in progress. In the Brazilian perspective, it is known that an increase in investment is necessary to develop the nuclear area and a greater engagement in research and development groups of fast neutron reactors, aspects which are compatible with a GFR generation IV project.


gas-cooled fast reactor, gfr, generation iv, allegro, gif.


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