The effects of top drive misalignment with the well center - a case study / Os efeitos do desalinhamento da unidade superior com o centro do poço - um estudo de caso

Rogério Batista Barros, Messias Barboza da Silva, Daniel Passos Gallo


The petroleum industry is still to this date one of the most important sectors in the energy segment and it has expectations to grow in the following years with the development of new technologies to explore newer and deeper wells. During well drilling, some procedures must be applied to assure good operation of the components and prevent further accidents. One of the main causes of component malfunction is rather related to errors during installation than materials issues. A misalignment of the Top Drive to the center of the well, for instance, can create unexpected bending stresses that can reduce the lifespan of a component and lead to failure. Therefore, this work aims to provide detailed information on the methodology of how to correctly conduct the alignment of the Top Drive to the center of the well to improve the lifetime of the components, avoid accidents and save money.


maintenance, alignment, petroleum industry.

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