Development of the industry of synthetic materials in Russia with the application of sustainability / Desenvolvimento da indústria de materiais sintéticos na Rússia com a aplicação da sustentabilidade

Elena Borisovna Pismenskaya, Irina I.Skorobogatykh


The production of synthetic materials is actively developing at the world: USA, Germany, Japan, China, India [1]. This is due perfect consumer properties of synthetic materials successfully compete with natural fabrics, and surpass them in some properties. At the same time, the production of synthetic materials is characterized by a reduction in labor and capital costs, automation of the process and the possibility of processing secondary materials. The article shows the measures of impact on the environment and production capacity to reduce the adverse impacts on the environment and the contribution of fabrics to the field of labor protection, through the development of modern personal protective equipment and workwear. These actions are a promising direction for the development of the manufacturing industry in Russia.


fashion, retail, transformation, online, environmental

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