Type-III resolver-to-digital converter using synchronous demodulation / Tipo-III conversor resolver-para-digital utilizando a desmodulação síncrona

Raymundo Cordero García, Edson Antonio Batista, Márcio Afonso Soleira Grassi, João Onofre Pereira Pinto


Resolver is an angular position sensor widely used in applications such as electric/hybrid vehicles, CNCs, antennas and robotics. However, the estimation of the angular position from resolver outputs is more difficult than the analysis of encoder signals, and it is still an open question. Most algorithms proposed in literature are based on type-I or type-II angle tracking ob- servers. Some type-III observers were proposed, but they require a high sampling frequency. This paper explores the use of synchronous demodulation of the resolver outputs to simplify the implementation of a type-III angle tracking observer. The resolver outputs are sampled at the peaks and valleys of the excitation resolver signal, being easy to get sine and cosine of the angular position. The proposed approach reduces the computational cost and the required sampling frequency to implement the type-III observer. Simulation and experimental results prove the accuracy of the proposed approach.



angle tracking observer, DSP, resolver, resolver-to-digital converter, type-III observer.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv8n6-213