An evaluation of the classification process within grassalco’s gravity concentrating plant at maripaston, district para-suriname / Uma avaliação do processo de classificação dentro da planta de concentração gravitacional em maripaston, distrito para-suriname


  • Soelema Dameri
  • Linsini Ramon Finkie
  • Cherwin Kasanredjo
  • Abigail Shioe Lo Kioeng
  • Roger Cameron



classification, hydro cyclone, performance, small scale gold miners tailing.


In 2014 started the states mining company of the government, N.V. Grassalco a pilot mining operation at Maripaston using a gravity concentration plant to process the tailing of the small scale gold miners that consist of free and associated recoverable gold. This plant consists of a Hammer mill, four Centrifugal concentrators, a Hydro cyclone, a Ball mill, and a Shaking table in the gold room. This project was carried out to evaluate the classification process of the hydro cyclone in this gravity concentrating plant and for this evaluation the apex diameter and discharge type, percentage solid, and particle size distribution were taken into account. To study the performance of the Hydro cyclone, the feed, underflow, and overflow were sampled and analyzed. The results obtained showed that the d80 determined during this project was between 500 µm and 700 µm, while N.V. Grassalco applies a d80 size of 63 µm, and the sharpness of separation was between 0.5 and 1.1, while according to some researchers the sharpness of separation of a good classification process lies between 0.2 and 0.4. It was also observed that the discharge type of the underflow was roping. Based on these findings can be concluded that the Hydro cyclone did not perform well.



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