Chemical composition and in vitro cytotoxicity of Corynespora olivacea (V18) associated with Vochysia divergens/ Composição química e citotoxicidade in vitro de Corynespora olivacea (V18) associada a Vochysia divergens


  • Cloves Gomes de Carvalho Filho
  • Luis Claudio Kellner Filho
  • Bruno William Picão
  • Arthur Alves Ragozoni
  • Arthur Barcelos Ribeiro
  • Heloiza Diniz Nicolella
  • Iara Silva Squarisi
  • Marcos Antonio Soares
  • Denise Crispim Tavares
  • Marcio Luis Andrade e Silva
  • Wilson Roberto Cunha
  • Patricia Mendonça Pauletti
  • Ana Helena Januário



Cambará, Cerrado, Endophytic fungus, Vochysiaceae


Chemical investigation into the ethyl acetate extract of the endophytic fungus Corynespora olivacea (V18) associated with Vochysia divergens identified compounds 1 and 2. The compounds were characterized by spectroscopic methods including NMR (1D and 2D) and HRMS. The cytotoxicity of the crude extract and the isolated compounds against normal human lung fibroblast cells, lineage GM07492A, was evaluated by the XTT assay. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first chemical and biological screening of the cytotoxicity of C. olivacea derived from V. divergens.


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