Studies about polymers, their interactions with the immune system and applications in immunotechnology in Uruguay: a systematic review / Estudos sobre polímeros, suas interações com o sistema imunológico e aplicações em imunotecnologia no Uruguai: uma revisão sistemática


  • Susana Arlet Cáceres
  • Diana Pérez- Etcheverry
  • Silvina Rossi-Assandri
  • Iris Miraballes-Martínez



polymer, immunoassay, adjuvant, latex agglutination, ELISA, carbohydrate, glycan, mucin, polysaccharide, polymer colloid.


The aim of the present work was to review, for the first time, articles published by researchers from Uruguay describing the effect of polymers on the vertebrate immune system or the use of polymers in immunotechnology. Databases and the national registry were searched. The first articles included were published in 1993. Several groups of articles were defined for better understanding: 1) polymeric molecules from parasites and pathogenic bacteria; 2) studies on the use of polymers with adjuvant properties; 3) use of synthetic polymers in immunotechnology development and 4) use of polymers in drug delivery systems targeting the immune system. Various approaches have been explored for applications related to animal and human health. Examples include the identification of molecules suitable as antigens for vaccines and the use of adjuvants in vaccines. Immunoassays for the detection and quantification of antibodies or antigens and a cancer therapy system have been identified.


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