Business consultancy and strategic planning for micro and small companies

Consultoria empresarial e planejamento estratégico para micro e pequenas empresas


  • Schirley Maria Policário
  • Adriano Freitas de Azevedo
  • Daniel Caetano do Nascimento Chaves
  • Raquel Berger Deorce
  • Nathalia Carvalho Moreira



micro and small enterprises, business consulting, strategic management


In Brazil, micro and small companies play an important role in the economy, however, many of these establishments face difficulties in their trajectory, affecting their longevity. In this way, business consulting can act as an important support tool, helping to improve performance. In this context, the objective of this work is to demonstrate the importance of business consulting for micro and small companies, through a theoretical and bibliographic review, focused on business consulting through its tools and techniques applied to micro and small companies, as well as their respective analyses, conclusions and suggestions, demonstrating the impact and importance that such a service can bring to these companies. The results showed that business consulting focused on MSCs contributes significantly to the improvement of MSCs. On the other hand, there are still barriers to its use, such as the great resistance on the part of entrepreneurs, either for fear of losing control of the company or exposing their data, or even for the cost of hiring.






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