Is it Possible to Perform Tooth Whitening During Orthodontic Treatment? / É possível realizar o clareamento dental durante o tratamento ortodôntico?


  • Mayara Cristina Abas Frazão Marins Brazilian Journals Publicações de Periódicos, São José dos Pinhais, Paraná
  • Andréa Dias Neves Lago
  • Fernanda Cristina Nogueira Rodrigues
  • Alex Luiz Pozzobon Pereira



Tooth whitening, orthodontic brackets, color


Aims: Analyzed the use of H2O2 at 35% in teeth after orthodontic brackets placement in some respects: change the color, the bond resistance of the bracket to the enamel (BS) and the adhesive remnant index (ARI).  Methods: Ninety bovine incisors with metal brackets were used, divided into 2 groups: (1) with whitening around orthodontic brackets and (2) without whitening. The color evaluation was performed with a portable spectrophotometer, in the incisal area and under the bracket, in two stages: before the placement of the brackets and after the adhesive strength test. During the experiment the samples were immersed in artificial saliva for 24 hours, 8 and 21 days for BS and ARI analysis. Results: No significant difference in color (under the brackets and incisal area) and in BS between areas and groups assessed. Regarding the ARI, the experimental group showed a significant difference in 24-hour period. Conclusion: there was uniform whitening throughout the enamel surface with orthodontics brackets bonded. The H2O2 at 35% did not show a negative effect on the BS and the ARI, however the 24 hours group showed a higher number of teeth without cement adhered to the surface of the enamel after whitening.


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