Reproductive performance of crossbreed ewes subjected to estrus synchronization protocols in the Amazon / Desempenho reprodutivo de ovelhas mestiças submetidas à protocolos de sincronização de estro na Amazônia


  • Paula Natalia Martins Rodrigues
  • Roseane Pinto Martins de Oliveira
  • Marcia Lorena Monteiro da Silva
  • Franklyn Ferreira de Oliveira
  • João Paulo Ferreira Rufino



Ewes. Pregnancy. Progesterone. Reproduction. Amazon.


The objective of this study was to evaluate two protocols for estrus synchronization in crossbreed ewes in the Amazon region. Twenty crossbreed (Santa Inês x Dorper) ewes presenting ages between 2 and 3 years-old and average body score in 2.7 were used. The experimental design was completely randomized, where the treatments were constituted by two protocols for estrus synchronization (short and long) with ten animals each. Estrus occurrence data were described for each protocol. Data of estrus detection, pregnancy rate, live lambs at birth and spontaneous abortions were subjected to exact Fischer test. Data of prolificity, birth weight per lamb and twin births were firstly subjected to ANOVA and a subsequent Tukey test. Results were considered significant at p?0.05. Results were considered significant at p?0.05. Both protocols presented great success rate to estrus occurrence, with all tested ewes manifesting the estrus. Comparing protocols, the short-term protocol presented better (p<0.05) results to pregnancy rate, prolificity, birth weight of lambs, and twin births. However, positive estrus, live lambs, and spontaneous abortions presented the same results (p>0.05). It was concluded that both protocols presented satisfactory results to estrus manifestation, live lambs, and spontaneous abortions. However, in Amazon environmental conditions, the short-term protocol provided better reproductive performance (pregnancy rate, prolificity, birth weight of lambs, and twin births).




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