Bioethics in brazilian dentistry undergraduate courses

Bioética nos cursos de graduação em odontologia brasileiros


  • Renata Maria Colodette
  • Tiago Ricardo Moreira
  • Rodrigo Siqueira-Batista
  • Andréia Patrícia Gomes



teaching, curriculum, bioethics, dentistry


A literature review was conducted with the objective of evaluating the insertion and teaching of bioethics in Brazilian dentistry undergraduate courses, after the publication of the National Curriculum Guidelines of 2002. Twelve articles were selected from the Pubmed, Scielo and Lilacs databases, published between 2002 and 2020. The results showed that many colleges had not yet inserted the discipline of bioethics in their syllabus, in some of those they had inserted, teaching was predominantly theoretical and disjointed from the other disciplines. It was also evidenced that, in institutions where active methodologies were associated with the teaching of bioethics, the results were more positive. It is concluded that the insertion of bioethics can contribute to the ethical and humanistic formation of the students, and more recent studies on the subject are necessary.




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Colodette, R. M., Moreira, T. R., Siqueira-Batista, R., & Gomes, A. P. (2022). Bioethics in brazilian dentistry undergraduate courses: Bioética nos cursos de graduação em odontologia brasileiros. Brazilian Journal of Development, 8(8), 54754–54768.



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